My overall goal choreographically is to explore tension between identities of places and people. For example, I investigate how dominant culture represented in public spaces is connected to me as a minority; my senses, emotions and motor skills, and create resonance within me. By embodying the settings like that, I combine choreography and landscape architecture.

Mille Jørgensen and Peter Vadim examining Glenteparken in Nørrebro, Copenhagen. Still from film

Mostly I investigate how art, politics and commerciality interact in tension between dominant culture and minorities. I experience that dominant culture needs a domain of minorities to demarcate itself through opposites. I, as a minority, tend to take on the stereotypic roles of the opposites: wrong, angry, victim, jealous, etc. Like this minorities and dominant culture maintain each other and would not exist without each other. The feelings of anger, jealousy, etc. I experience as energy created in the tension. I explore aspects of this energy; sometimes it is constructive and some times it is destructive. I am not sure what would happen if this tension and energy went away or if it is even possible.

Peter Vadim and Trine Trash performing Dumb Bodies at Warehouse9 10th Anniversary Gala

My critical attitude to stereotypical gender identities has had great influence on how I have developed as a choreographer: From mid-90s and about 10 years forward, I worked choreographically with the Queer concept to express the meaninglessness I experienced in being locked into a heteronormative gender identity. My work evolved into the trilogy of Mommy’s Boy and many years of working as a performer and queer activist in the gender political association dunst.

The performance group of dunst in the magazine Dansk.

In my subsequent studies in landscape architecture I went from focusing on gender identity to working with how identity in a wider sense is dependent on relations and thus fluid. It developed into a thesis investigating how dance and choreography can be used as tools for exploring the changing identity of places and situations. This process gave birth to projects like Map in Steps and Automatisk Kombination.

Recently I have worked with artists and scholars developing choreographic and pictorial methods of sharing and developing aesthetic and relational knowledge: For instance in the projects Red Apples – Green Apples, Norma Road School Project and Choreography in Place.

From an exercise I did with a school class in Cape Town. We each painted an element from a garden using water and soil from the garden. This visualization is my take on a collective experience of the garden

Latest Linh Le and I have been accepted at UBåden to perform in June 2019 with The Animal Kingdom. We work with a paradox that lies in the repression of minorities: on one side we feel our freedom is taken away and on the other we are free from social restrictions of the majority.

Flyer for the program of Ubåden 2019