Movement is Tragedy

Peter Vadim

Fool of Time

Fool of Time backstage in Operaren, Christiania 2018 at the event Sjæl på Dåse 2 (Canned Soul 2). Costume by Hairwerk. Make-up by Kevin Knaap. Photo by Dennis Agerblad.

Fool of Time (2018-now) is a person who believes he has the right to feel good all the time. And if he does not feel good he blames it on others. This makes him feel constantly forsaken and abused. And he experience all in life as a tragedy.

He will perform at Sjæl på Dåse 3, October 18th, 2019. More info.

Fool of Time was born out of Sjæl på Dåse 2 in 2018, where he performed as an angry hippie.

Sjæl på Dåse is an event by Hairwerk.