I explore connections and shared narratives among various beings and places.

Currently I investigate how daydreams poetically connect bodies and landscapes socially, emotionally, and physically. Through this exploration, I aim to bridge inner and outer worlds to discover shared narratives and reimagine the state of the planet through qualities such as love, care, empathy, a sense of aesthetics, sensitivity, sensuality, and intimacy.

Naked Embodiment of Dueodde, Bornholm in connection with Klippekroppe, Performing Landscapes. Photo by Morten Sarkisian

My love and care for the overlooked and marginalized, the abject, is the fuel of my creation. When the abject reveals its beauty, the predictable and dominant loosens its grip. I seek to embody this newfound beauty through choreography, mapping, film, and model building.

A short film by BÖSSEBAR

“Abjection is a concept in critical theory referring to becoming cast off and separated from norms and rules, especially on the scale of society and morality, (Wikipedia)

THE ABJECT, abjection (Kristeva): Our reaction (horror, vomit) to a threatened breakdown in meaning caused by the loss of the distinction between subject and object or between self and other, (https://cla.purdue.edu/academic)

I am a dancer and choreographer from The Danish National School of Performing Arts, working freelance in dance/theater/workshop productions both in Denmark and abroad since 1994.

Identifying as genderfluid, I was actively involved in the gender political group dunst from 2001 to 2007. In 2018, I wrote the article “dunst 2001-07: Aesthetics of Abjection,” published in Peripeti, a magazine for dramaturgical studies, marking my artistic exploration of abjection since 2001.

In 2014, I earned a degree in landscape architecture (cand.hort.arch), specializing in the relationships between bodies and places. Since 2015, I’ve worked as an arts and architectural educator. I collaborated with the University of Copenhagen and the University of Cape Town, coauthoring articles in 2020 It’s all about art and 2021 A Microtopia of Arts Education.

Since spring 2020, I’ve been artistically active on Bornholm, a Danish island in the Baltic Sea. Here, I’ve coordinated and participated in various events, fostering the artistic and cultural community in collaboration with local theaters, art communities, and cultural groups like Kobbegård, BIRCA, Cirkusbygningen i Sandvig, Bornholms Theatre, and Lyngbo. Bornholm lacks a substantial queer community, so I’ve been communicating with many of the island’s few queer individuals, planning diverse queer events. My partner and I initiated GÄYBAR to address the absence of gay bars on the island.

From 2021, I’ve been engaged in productions with Metropolis, Copenhagens International Theatre. Among others I participated in Performing Landscapes.