Norma Road

Photo taken by one of the children as part of a photo exercise with the theme: Relations between home and school.

Norma Road School Project (2017) is an artistic-educational cooperation between Norma Road Primary School in Cape Town, Peter Clarke Art Centre in Cape Town and University of Copenhagen. Together we develop artistic methods to discover influences between ourselves and the relations we are a part of. More specifically we look for relations between home and school. We explore what the relations mean to us and how we can be more aware of our own influence on them.

From a research perspective Charlotte Svendler is exploring the questions: What can children learn through artistic-educational collaborations about themselves, others and their surroundings? How can connections be created through the children’s experiences and expressions as artistic forms and as alternative ways of reflection and documenting learning? And how can the methodological considerations of the research and teaching collaborations be shared with a broader range of professionals?

The others involved are: Liesl Hartman, Fabian Hartzenberg, Melissa Simpson, Charlotte Svendler and grade 4B of Norma Road Primary School.

Supported by University of Copenhagen and Danish Cultural Institute