Sjæl på Dåse (Canned Soul)

Sjæl på Dåse (Canned Soul) October 2’nd, 2018, 10pm-4am is a cabaret arranged by Hairwerk. I am invited to do two short appearances. It will take place at Operaen, Christiania. The atmosphere is intimate and informal with the audience sitting by small cafe tables next to the bar.

We are quite a few artists involved:  Hairwerk (performer), Kevin Knaap (performer), Carsten Sparwath (party dj), Mathuresh (musik producer), Dennis Agerblad (performer), Ramona Macho (performer), Daniel Svanberg Bøtcher (pause dj), Lago (performer), Peter Vadim (performer-dancer), Sahar Pour (performer-musician), Florence (performer), Trine Trash (performer-musician), Andy Benz (performer-musician), ZenRapKat (performer), mAdam (performer-musician)

It begins at 10pm and the entrance is 80kr cash only. Link