Landscape Scenographies

Landscape Scenographies (2016) are students at the Urban Intervention Studios by Bettina Lamm and Laura Winge, University of Copenhagen, who have designed and built six landscape scenographies that stage the landscape of Teaterøen by adding new layers of accessibility, experience and meaning.

Playfully connecting water and land. Photo by Morten Sarkisian

Linh Le and I was hired to activate the installations choreographically in relation to materiality and shape. Together we improvised our way through the scenographies.

The boat creates intimate meetings. Photo by Morten Sarkisian

It was a way for us to explore how choreographic manifestations of narratives help put new meaning in to materiality and shape. Narratives that was different than the traditional ones about a boy and a girl, because of our untraditional relation to the world given our status as minorities.

The jellyfish takes the attention. Photo by Morten Sarkisian

This was our first step into the world of animality where we experienced how we were able to express repressed feelings.

The nets are extensions of ourselves. Photo by Morten Sarkisian
The heavy and robust tree invites to dramatic encounters on the lawn. Photo by Morten Sarkisian

Supported by University of Copenhagen