Shoes (2016) was part of Aesthetic Salon, that is a continuous concept by Linh Le and Camille Roth where artists meet to present and discuss their works.

I’m changing shoes in a box. Photo by Jakob Hindhede

They invited me to present what I was currently working on. I did this by exploring how the aesthetic context between the audience and I was influenced by the various shoes that I put on and off, and how it affected the choreographic frames of the whole situation. I balanced between lecture, performance and conversation with the audience. In this way the audience interacted by also exploring the choreographic frames of the situation.

Presentation of relations between choreography and landscape architecture

The idea came from my interest in how the body and its social surroundings are connected. The social surroundings could be other bodies, architecture, atmospheres, shoes, power structures and cafe sounds. I experience that the body is part of those relations through feelings, senses and biology, among others. And because the relations are in constant change, the body is in constant change. Thus the body is fluid.

Eduardo Abrantes exploring the stairs. Photo by Linh Le

I investigate ways to get more aware of the relations and in this way create aesthetic knowledge of situations and places. I ask the questions to myself and the audience: What lies in the knowledge that is contained in situations and relations, and in this sense not reserved for the individual? How is it possible to communicate this kind of knowledge?

Material embodiment of the situation. Photo by Linh Le

The evening was in cooperation with Novam Artem and Copenhagen Jazz Festival. The other presenters were Monia Sander, Ellen Flyv, Anna-Olivia Christensen, Nicolai Kornerup and Signe Flyvbjerg.

Conversations between participants. Photo by Linh Le

Supported by: Æstetisk Salon, Novam Artem and Copenhagen Jazz Festival.