Spor – en togrejse til fods

Spor – en togrejse til fods (Tracks – a train journey on foot) (August 2020) is a promenade performance along the old railway between Kleven and Klemensker, Bornholm. Along the walk the audience experienced artistic tableaux along the route created by 5 BIRCA artists: Performers Ida Marie Tjalve, Helga Rosenfeldt Olsen and Linh Le and landscape architect Peter Vadim under the direction of train conductor Susanne Danig.

Peter Vadim as a paper troll crossing a paper bridge. Photo by Bente Larsen

Ida Marie Tjalve doing a mysterious workshop off track. Photo by Susanne Danig

Helga Rosenfeldt-Olsen performing in the rocks. Photo by Bente Larsen

Linh Le performing the story of the Birth of Bonne-Vedde. Photo by Peter Vadim

Susanne Danig as the conductor. Photo by Bente Larsen

Supported by Danish Ministry of Culture – summer activities and Bornholms Brand